Mixed Media Mandala Workshop Sunday May 20th. 10-3
Hi! I am an painter, artist and designer. I love creating and sharing.
About Me (I am having some glitches with my blog so I am including my about me here for the moment.) I feel so grateful to have grown up in a creative, artistic family. From an early age I was inspired and exposed to art and painting by my talented mother Sue, a professional artist and painting instructor. My sister Kim and I have created art together for a lifetime. I grew up learning and knowing that with the right tools and guidance anyone can paint and create. Acrylics and mixed media are my favorite mediums. I am inspired to paint a variety of subjects, loose florals, birds, abstracts, with layers of natural & spiritual elements. Years of traveling through SE Asia, Nepal and Europe have influenced my work. My meditation practice is another source for ideas and inspiration and images. I studied painting in College and graduated with a BFA in painting from Pacific Northwest College of Art, PNCA. Post graduation I exhibited my work at a Pulliam Deffenbaugh gallery in Portland. Type and Calligraphy are another love of mine. I was blessed to study calligraphy at Oregon School of Arts and Crafts during a golden era of calligraphy artist. Teaching Calligraphy and how to see and create letter forms are another love of mine. I split my time between painting and working in our family business, Scheewe Publications Inc., we publish instructional painting books. I have spent years photo styling, photographing and designing books and book covers. I believe we are all artists, we are all creative, sometimes we just need a little nudge to begin the adventure. I love what I do. I am a true blue Oregonian, blessed to share life with my with my wonderful husband Greg and our endlessly entertaining cat Jasmine.